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Day 61: A youtube video you absolutely love and describe why.

1.3.12 00:50

Day 62: One of your most prized possessions.

  • I know I must decide between following things: All of my books, my camera, my external hard drive and my earrings. Although I love my books the most I would choose my external hard drive because there are so many memories and data in it which I can't replace. Of all of the other possessions I can buy a new one.
2.3.12 00:38

Day 65 (05.03.2012): Your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before, what do you do?

  • (Ok, this is about the best friend which is not in my family) First it would be a great shock for me. Then I would go to her as fast as I can and apologizing again and again. Afterwards I promise her that we will never say goodbye with an dissolved conflict in the future.

Day 64 (04.03.2012): Your views upon gay marriage.

  • It should be allowed everywhere. Love is the most beautiful thing between people. And I can't understand why you should be against it.

Day 63 (03.03.2012): Describe your best friend completely.

  • As you know my mum is my very best friend and knows the most about me. She's so cute, lovely and has so much sense of humour. If I need to ask someone for advice she is usually the first I talk to. She is very up-to-date whether it's about music, fashion or something else.
5.3.12 23:18

Day 66: One random fact about yourself.

  • Whenever I look onto the tiles in our bathroom (or somewhere else) I can see animals, people, etc. in it, although there is only this marbleization.
6.3.12 21:56

Day 76 (16.03.2012): What is one of the best dreams you have ever had?

  • I refer to this post on the 14th of february.
    I was writing about having the probably most beautiful dream in my life - on one of my least favourite days of the year - valentine's day.
    This dream was about the person I have feelings for surprisingly having the same feelings for me and always smiling at me whenever he saw me. That was one of the best feelings I had in my life. In this whole dream not even a single kiss was needed to make this the most beautiful dream in my life.

Day 75 (15.03.): How would you describe your style of clothing?

  • Mostly I wear jeans but nearly never with low heels. It depends on my mood what I wear. But I think I'm still not brave enough to wear dresses because I'm living in a small town where others gawp if you wear something "special". I really should not care about that. Maybe this year.

Day 74 (14.03.): A movie you cried in.

  • The Bollywood movie "Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham". I have never cried so much in a movie before I watched this one.

Day 73 (13.03.): List of everything you ate today.

  • Now (Friday) I don't remember what I ate on Tuesday. For breakfast I usually have cornflakes. That's the only thing I know.

Day 72 (12.03.): Differences between you and your best friend?

  • Now I'm talking about my mum as my best friend again: One difference is the age (this is logical) and she is more outgoing, self-confident and more ambitious like me.

Day 71 (11.03.): A celebrity you don't necessarily enjoy, and why?

  • I really don't know why I dislike Nicolas Cage. Whenever I see him I feel uncomfortable and I don't want to watch movies he is playing in.

Day 70 (10.03.): Powerful song lyrics you love.

  • I still have to think about it and will write down later.

Day 69 (09.03.): The best concert you have been to?

  • Last year in summer I have been to a concert of one of my favourite bands.

Day 68 (08.03.): How you found out about tumblr, and why you made one?

  • It happens by accident and I made an account because of curiousness.

Day 67 (07.03.): If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be?

  • I wouldn't change my life with someone because of their way of life (e.g. because of luxury). And does this question mean that my person is in their life or only my mind is in their body and mind? If I had the opportunity to change with someone's life it would only be because I want to know what the person is thinking about me.
16.3.12 21:22

Day 82 (22.03.): What is your biggest fear?

  • Losing someone I love.

Day 81 (21.03.): One of your favorite childhood memories.

  • I loved playing on the playground with the neighbour's kids. Being a child was a wonderful time.

  • Today I had that wonderful moment when this person I'm interested in is talking to me again (more than usually a "hello") - but I'm sure he still has this girlfriend which make me sad. Ok I have to say, he was asking something (about my job - you know he knows where I work). The week before the last he was already asking - very suddenly - what makes me a bit perplex. We see each other sometimes and he was never saying more than hello. I hope that he doesn't need something for his girlfriend. Well, let's see.

Day 80 (20.03.): Why do you feel as though people judge others?

  • Maybe they want to judge others to make feel better? I don't know.

Day 79 (19.03.): Would you rather people be honest with you, even if it’s something not good, or lie to you to make you feel good?

  • Honesty is painful sometimes. But maybe it's better than a lie.

Day 78 (18.03.): What gives you every day inspiration?

  • Difficult question. Sometimes people around me, a quote, a song or a story.

Day 77 (17.03.): How do you feel about going green?

  • I'm trying my best (e.g. recycling) but I'm sure everyone of us can do more to save the environment.
22.3.12 00:34

Day 83: Would you break the law to save a loved one?

  • Of course I would! A loved person is more important than a law!
23.3.12 00:56

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