Jeder sieht, was du scheinst. Nur wenige fühlen, wie du wirklich bist.
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Day 171: What is something you notice throughout high school?

  • While I still looked like a adolescent, some others already looked like young adults.

Day 170: What is your life motto?

  • Things won't change until we change them. (But i still have to learn to follow this).

Day 169: How do you feel about cyber bullying?

  • It's something really bad. People who do cyber mobbing are too childish to understand what consequences their behaviour could have (e.g. suicide).

Day 168: Funniest movie you have ever seen.

  • Hangover.

Day 167: Have you ever had a teacher that changed your life?

  • Maybe my drama teacher who gave me a little more self-confidence.

Day 166: Favorite type of music.

  • Rock-Pop.

Day 165: One thing many people don't know about you.

  • None of my friends know that I play MMORPG (they don't play such games - if they do I will tell them).

Day 164: Where is one place you would love to visit?

  • New York.

Day 163: Highs and lows of this month.

  • I had holidays, but now all of my work colleagues are ill so it's very stressful at work.

Day 162: Why is it so much easier being a child, than an adult?

  • As a child you hardly have to bear responsibility.

Day 161: Do you go by live, laugh, love?

  • No, but maybe it would be better for my well-being.

Day 160: What is one thing you love about photography?

  • You can capture so many different moments.

Day 159: Would you give up all of your presents one christmas time to help others from other countries?

  • Of course.

Day 158: Do you like to give or receive?

  • I like to give.

Day 157: What is a tv show you enjoy the most?

  • Supernatural.

Day 156: What is one achievement you are proud of?

  • Some years ago I attended the school's drama group although I was still very shy.

Day 155: A moment you felt most satisfied in your life?

  • Maybe as a child where you don't have to think about the adult's problems.

Day 154: Do you think the hardest thing is sometimes the easiest thing?

  • Yes, to talk to someone (I'm interested in) is one of the hardest thing for me. Other people don't have this problem.

Day 153: What is one step of action you would take to change the world?

  • Unfortunately I really don't know what I can do as a single person.

Day 152: Would you move to a different country to be with the one you love?

  • Yes, I would. And I love to see different countries if I have the possibility.

Day 151: How is your heart lately?

  • Physically ok. But very lonely.

Day 150: Would you rather love one person or have many short relationships?

  • It's enough for me to love one person if he is the right person for me.

Day 149: Do you think more about the past, present, or future?

  • The future.

Day 148: What do you think about ignorant people?

  • I want to avoid them. If they're ignorant, it's their problem.

Day 147: Is there someone that makes you happy everytime you see them?

  • My mum.

Day 146: Is it easy to trust others?

  • Normally yes (but there are some people who only want to take advantage of it). I even trust others I've never seen, but I talked with for a month (internet).

Day 145: Are you planning on having children one day?

  • Of course!
18.6.12 23:33

Day 172: One famous guy you would marry in an instance.

  • I can't decide between these three guys: Henry Cavill, Jensen Ackles and Mats Hummels.
19.6.12 20:34

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